3 Reasons Why A Professional Web Presence Isn’t Just An Option For Business

A positive web presence is critical for business. In an age where the Internet is a necessary communication tool, the lack of a professional website presence can lead potential clients or to take their business elsewhere.

According to FORBES 90% of potential clients will check out your web presents before they call to talk to your company:

When potential clients and customers don’t like what they see: They’re off to the next website and will continue the search until they find a business that meets the professional appearance that makes them feel comfortable.

You can do better:

1.Your Website Is Your Companies First Impression:

Your companies website is your firms online ambassador: If you wouldn’t meet a potential client for the first time, wearing a torn shirt and paint splattered pants why would you allow your website to represent your firm in a less than professional light.

Ask yourself this: Would your best clients have hired your firm had you met them for them the first time looking and acting in an unprofessional manner?

How much business has your company turned away NOT because your company isn’t top notch: because the ambassador that represents your firm online, (your website) isn’t.

Finally: if you are NOT impressed with your website nether is anyone else:

2. Are You Using Your Website To It’s Fullest Potential?

In the 90’s all any online business needed was their name, address, phone number and a paragraph explaining what their business did: Not much different than the old fashion Phone Book advertising: Today: Video is king:

Did you know if you own a website, you own a TV station?

Your website can host a videos to explain:

  1. Who
    your company is.
  2. What
    your company does.
  3. How
    your firm does it.
  4. Why
    your firm outshines all other.
  5. It’s
    your station so all broadcast time is FREE.

Did you know you also own a newspaper:

you customers and potential clients informed:

  1. What’s new in your industry.
  2. What new hires and promotions your company has had.
  3. Who in your company is in the news for innovation.
  4. Produce informative news stories pertinent to your industry.

3 Are You Tracking Your Audience?

Google Analytics is used to track visitors to your website: Every professional website needs to be aware of the number of visitors
and where your visitors are coming from: Why?

Google Analytics should be the golden rule for all websites:

can see if you are making progress with your efforts or not.

  1. What
    videos and news articles are attracting attention and continue with that
  2. Learn
    where your visitors are coming from.
  3. See
    how long they stay on every article and page of your website.

web presents is vital for a multitude of reasons, if you ignore your web
presents, I promise another firm who isn’t will be more than happy to accept any
and every customer you inadvertently turn away.


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